ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development

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Vol. 39 No. 3 (2022)
Published December 25, 2022
Land, Energy, and Water Resources

AJSTD 39(3) 2022: Land, Energy, and Water Resources


AJSTD Will Undergo Management Changes

Due to changes on the AJSTD management starting from 2023, any submitted articles will be delayed for review processing and publication.


December 13, 2022

Research Article

Kurnia Fajar Adhi Sukra, Hari Setiapraja, Respatya Teguh Soewono, Hari Sumartono
Suitability of Current Single-Cylinder Diesel Engines Available in Indonesia with New Indonesian National Standard (SNI 119:2020)
Andung bayu sekaranom, Setyawan Purnama, Ahmad Cahyadi, Neil Andika, Erik Febriarta, Emilya Nurjani, Anugrah Jorgi Firmansyah, Azizatul Maghfiroh, Chafda Larasati, Novanna Dwi Septyo
Analysis of Surface Water Availability to Meet Agricultural Water Demands in Kediri Regency, Indonesia
Sheila Ava, Siti Subandiyah, Muhammad Saifur Rohman, Naoto Ogawa, Tri Joko
Manuka Honey Reduces the Virulence of Pectobacterium brasiliense by Suppressing Genes That Encode Plant Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes
Nguyen The Truc, Tran Anh Duc, Nguyen Cam Van, Nguyen Khac Tung, Hoang Dinh Long, Trinh Xuan Phong, Khanh Nguyen Duc
Mechanical and Thermal Load Effect on Piston Crown of a Biogas Engine: A Simulation Approach
Sintha Prima Widowati Gunawan, Takanori Matsui, Takashi Machimura
Stochastic gradient boosting for urban change detection using multi-temporal LANDSAT-5TM in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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The ASEAN Journal on Science & Technology for Development (AJSTD) is a peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on the publication of articles that make positive, tangible contributions to science and technology in the ASEAN region. Its main aim is to promote and accelerate the discovery and ultimate ASEAN-wide application of scientific and technological innovations, the consequence of which should be greater prosperity for the people of Southeast Asia.

AJSTD covers a wide range of technology-related subjects in the context of ASEAN, including biotechnology, non-conventional energy research, materials science and technology, marine sciences, meteorology and geophysics, food science and technology, microelectronics and information technology, space applications, science and technology policy, and infrastructure and resources development.

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  • To generate and promote development of scientific and technological expertise and manpower in the ASEAN region;
  • To facilitate and accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological development among ASEAN countries and from more advanced regions of the world to the ASEAN region;
  • To provide support and assistance in the development and application of research discoveries and technological practices of endogenous origin for the common good, and in the more effective use of natural resources available in the ASEAN region and in general; and
  • To provide scientific and technological support towards the implementation of existing and future ASEAN projects.

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