AJSTD enters Scopus

We are delighted to announce that the ASEAN Journal on Science & Technology for Development (AJSTD) has been accepted for indexing in the Scopus database. This decision represents the culmination of several years of work following the transfer of AJSTD to Indonesia, as we have sought to remake the journal in accordance with its goals of advancing the cause of scientific and technological development in Southeast Asia.

Longtime readers, or anyone reading older articles, will have noticed these changes—from our efforts to archive articles from the entire, 30-year history of the journal, a significant portion of which has not been centrally located online until recently, to the complete redesign of articles and issues alongside the implementation of modern accessibility standards, to the development of new editorial policies aimed at improving the reach of authors. Scopus is not the end-goal for us, but rather a positive sign that AJSTD is headed in the right direction, and as the journal continues to make inroads on its stated mission throughout the ASEAN region, we hope you are as excited as us about what the future holds for AJSTD.

To learn more about where AJSTD is indexed, please visit the Indexing page.