Focus and scope

AJSTD aims to promote and accelerate the discovery and ASEAN-wide application of scientific and technological innovations, the consequence of which should be greater prosperity for the people of Southeast Asia.

We cover a wide range of technology-related fields, including biotechnology, non-conventional energy research, materials science and technology, marine sciences, meteorology and geophysics, food science and technology, microelectronics and information technology, space applications, science and technology policy, and infrastructure and resources development, within the specific context of ASEAN.

Submitted articles must contribute to technological and economic development in Southeast Asia, or offer tangible solutions to the pressing issues faced by the region. Particular problems of interest include access to science and the adoption of new technologies, the equitable cross-border distribution of technological innovations, technology transfer and commercialization within the ASEAN region, the development and implementation of green technology, stability and technological sustainability, regional internet infrastructure and the digital economy, and transparency and economic growth through digital innovation.

Original research, science and technology policy discussions, technical notes, and communications are accepted.