Vol. 37 No. 2 (2020): The Perennial Quest
The Perennial Quest

With the subtitle, "Discovering our place in the world," this issue offers insight into how we exist and subsist in, adapt to, and sometimes harm our planet—from the retrofitting of buildings to improve their resilience and the design of housing to minimize the effects of harsh urban conditions, to the development of alternative fuels, and ultimately to the mining and subsequent abandonment of natural landscapes. Articles are currently in press.

Research Article

Hanifrahmawan Sudibyo, Febbie Setyaningrum, Rochmadi, Mohammad Fahrurrozi
A Catalyst Reusability Study in Palm Fatty Acid Distillate and Glycerol Esterification using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Reaction Kinetics Approach
Thiri Thwe, Nang Su Le′ Mya Thwin, Ne Min Hein
Global Retrofitting Strategies for an Existing Three-storied RC School Building in Mandalay, Myanmar
Karna Wijaya, Mudjijana
Application of Biogasoline in a Four-stroke Motorcycle Engine
Khairani Ayu Rizqi, Budi Prayitno
Optimization of Building Configuration in Vertical Residential Housing towards Outdoor Thermal Comfort: Case Study of Tambora Flats, Jakarta, Indonesia
Elya Pratiwi Isti Faroh, Fatih Cinderaswari Puspaningrani, Gema Reinadova, Muhammad Rais Akbar, Novanna Dwi Septyo Anggraeni, Oki Silvie Wildiyanti, Utia Kafafa, Ratih Fitria Putri
Dynamic Changes Analysis of Land Resource Balance in North Maluku Province, Indonesia


Hanny Meirinawati, Hanif Budi Prayitno, Lisa Fajar Indriana, Muhammad Firdaus, A'an Johan Wahyudi
Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring of Closed Rearing System of the Sea Cucumber Holothuria scabra

Technical Note

Jessie Samaniego, Cris Reven Gibaga, Alexandria Tanciongco, Rasty Rastrullo, Norman Mendoza, Charles Darwin Racadio
Comprehensive Assessment on the Environmental Conditions of Abandoned and Inactive Mines in the Philippines