Vol. 38 No. 3 (2021): Embrace Potential
Embrace Potential

Numerous possibilities lie ahead for Southeast Asia, should the collective nations of this region be willing to meet the challenges that come with them. They range from the economic to the social to the climatic, all critical, and all requiring more creative solutions than might have been offered in the past. Potential is tantalizing, but cannot be reached without effort and ambition. Thus, we ask: what future awaits ASEAN if we are bold enough to reach for it?

Research Article

Mukhamad N. Malawani, Muh Aris Marfai, Aldhila G. H. Yoga, Tiara Handayani, Ahmad Cahyadi, Mohammad Isnaini Sadali, Mohamad Zaki Mahasin, Hendratmoro, Suadi, Maryadi Budi Wiyono
Rapid Land Assessment for Salt Farming Development in the Coastal Area of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hidayat Bambang Setyawan, Roni Yulianto, Oviaki Zelin, Listya Purnamasari
Potential of Three Taro (Colocasia esculenta L.) Cultivars as Animal Feed
Suresh Palla, Suresh Vanguri, S Ramakrishna, S K Chaturvedi, B N Mohapatra
BCSA Rawmix Design: Correlation between Chemical Constituents and Mineralogy
Ajay Kumar Maurya, Amit Kumar
Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-built and Heat-treated Additive Manufactured Inconel 718 Alloy
Megan Afkasiga Ririhena, Nedyomukti Imam Syafii
Analyzing the Application of Void Decks on High-rise Affordable Housing in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Achieve Optimal Urban Ventilation
A. Aathif Basha, F. Liakath Ali Khan
Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Hydrogen Bonded Complexes of Benzamide and Acetamide with Halogenated Phenols Using X-band Microwave Frequency