Seismic Safety Assessment of Existing Low-rise RC Buildings with Rapid Visual Screenings and Preliminary Evaluation Methods


Low-rise building
Rapid visual screening
Preliminary evaluation
Seismic safety assessment


Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar, is situated near the Sagaing Fault (the major fault in Myanmar) and so it’s a seismic prone area. In Mandalay region, the number of low-rise buildings is much more than that of high-rise buildings. And hence, the seismic safety assessment of low-rise building takes an important role to survive and develop Mandalay as smart city. Detailed seismic evaluation can determine the seismic performance level of the buildings and can give strategies to technically retrofit the structures. First of all, rapid visual screening and preliminary evaluation must be carried out to identify the buildings which need the detailed assessment. Thus, in this study, the rapid visual screening (RVS) and preliminary evaluation will be executed for 26 number of three to eight story RC buildings are investigated for the requirements of detailed assessment with three different RVS and preliminary evaluation methods. The methods used are FEMA P-154, Indian standards and Bangladesh methods. According to the investigation, the results given by FEMA P-154 level 1 and level 2 are more vulnerable than that of other methods. Seismic elevation using seismic index method by Bangladesh can give a reliable data for detail seismic evaluation and retrofit method.
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